Communist China’s Factories May Close Two Weeks Early Before Lunar New Year

Because of a plunge in orders due to the sharp decline in demand from the United States and the extreme epidemic control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Communist China’s manufacturing industry has been severely hit. Therefore, some analysts believe that compared with the Chinese New Year holidays in previous years, factories in Communist China may stop operating half a month earlier this year. According to foreign media reports, Trans Pacific vessel capacity from Communist China is rapidly decreasing, as seen on the data by blank sailings or cancelled sailings. The 2M Alliance, Maersk and Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), has been decreased almost half of its U.S. West Coast services for December. In addition, the shipping volume of combined ships, including Communist China’s COSCO shipping, has also been reduced by 40% to 50% up to Chinese New Year. In November, manufacturers in China were shut down on large scale because of slumping orders. Owners told the Times it had declined by 30 to 50% in some industries. The Chinese government is loosening some of its zero COVID strategies after an outpouring of public anger in late November, that later spread to the Chinese communities in other countries. But for some companies such as Apple, whose biggest plant in China has been struggling to resume production since late October, November spelled the last straw. Recently, there is also reported that the tech giant is urging its suppliers to move some of its production out of China.

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