CCP’s Simultaneous Economic Census And Input-Output Survey To Loot The Rich And Start Global Economic Warfare

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officially announced on December 11 that Beijing had decided to conduct the fifth national economic census in 2023. The biggest change of this census is that for the first time, an input-output survey will be conducted across departments. The census targets all legal entities, industrial activities units and private sectors engaged in secondary and tertiary industrial activities in the country. According to the Census regulation, the economic census is conducted every 5 years, implemented in the year ending with 3 and 8. Input-output survey is carried out every 5 years running in the year ending with 2 and 7. A subsequent input-output table of the year is also required. 2023 will be the fifth economic census and the eighth input-output survey, which will be held at the same time. Critics point out that the simultaneous economic census and input-output survey of the CCP would prepare for the next round of economic looting of the rich, similar to the CCP’s savage “land reform movement” in 1950. It would also arrange for the CCP’s next step of confiscating private enterprises. The looted wealth would fund Xi Jinping’s global economic warfare. Xi’s trip to Saudi Arabia reinforced his ambition to dominate the world, as the petro-dollar will be replaced by the petro-RMB, the current Bretton Woods system will take a huge hit. Xi’s biggest leverage is the 1.4 billion animal-like Chinese slaves who can be slaughtered at his will.

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