Saudi Arabia Signed a Cooperative Deal with CCP’s Huawei

On December 8th, during Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the Saudi King and Xi signed a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement. Saudi companies reached a memorandum with Huawei on cloud computing and the construction of high-tech complexes in Saudi cities. In addition, the two countries signed 34 investment agreements in green energy, information technology, cloud services, transportation, construction, and other sectors.

The extremely high profile of Xi’s visit to Saudi Arabia contrasts with the low profile of U.S. President Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia in July. The Saudi King greeted Xi with the highest of courtesies, not only with warplane escorts at the airport and a display of red and yellow smoke from protocol aircraft. Xi’s vehicle was escorted to the King’s palace by members of the Saudi Royal Guard riding Arabian horses and carrying Chinese and Saudi flags. Later, Xi attended a welcome banquet.

At the same time, the Sino-American relation is increasingly hostile while the U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia is at a low point. The U.S. and its Gulf allies are uneasy about the security risks posed by Saudi Arabia’s utilization of technology from Communist China companies. Not only did Huawei sign a memorandum of cooperation with Saudi Arabia this time, but Huawei has also been involved in the construction of 5G networks in most Gulf countries.

Miles Guo has previously mentioned that the CCP wants to help Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Middle East countries build an independent communications system. This agreements Huawei just secured, once again, confirms the accuracy of Miles’ revelations.

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