New Zealand Court Seizing The Sick Baby From Parents, Hospital Rejects Unvaccinated Blood Donations

The High Court in Auckland made a judgment on the Ministry of Health’s lawsuit against a baby who needed heart surgery. The parents refused to accept blood transfusions with blood from vaccinated people, and the court suspended their temporary guardianship of the infant until the baby recovered from surgery.

A video shows New Zealand policies and several social workers arriving at the baby’s bedside and announcing the court’s verdict to the parents, seizing the baby despite the mother’s helpless cries and the father’s angry accusations that “you’re criminals.”

The ill baby needs heart surgery. His parents requested that the hospital use unvaccinated blood for the surgery. However, Starship Hospital in Auckland and its pediatric cardiac surgeons refused to accept unvaccinated blood from more than 20 hopefully targeted donors. Some people derided them as “conspiracy theorists” and even advised the mother to seek psychiatric help. In an interview with Radio New Zealand presenter Liz Gunn, the parents explained that post-vaccination blood is harmful and can lead to fatal blood clots and inflammation of distal organs. It can also lead to immune deficiencies, setting their baby up for more frequent and severe illnesses.

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