Local Governments Started Overseas Trips to Grab Orders in Europe

On December 4, it was reported that a business delegation consisting of officials and corporations from the Zhejiang government flew to Germany and France to seek business. On December 5th, the business charter organized by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce carried 31 foreign trade enterprises. A total of 40 people took off for France, Germany, and Italy to initiate 9 days of economic and trade promotion activities. On December 7, Chengdu city also announced that it would organize similar activities to Europe to grab orders and opportunities. In addition, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and other provinces participated in this activity in November.

However, analysts believe that after the U.S.- China trade war, Communist China’s exports have been strained. If the global economy continues to deteriorate and overseas demand continues to decline, even if the CCP adjusts the zero-COVID policy to reduce the impact on exports, the situation will not be better. mainly influencing exports to Europe and the U.S. Currently, the CCP is unable to deal with the decline of foreign trade and foreign investment, so it transfers the pressure to the local governments. The provinces attempt to seek opportunities through overseas trips, but it is impossible to have any practical effect.

Moreover, Communist China’s exports mainly rely on private enterprises and foreign companies. Under the circumstances that the CCP continues to repeatedly squeeze wealth from those firms in the name of “common prosperity”, entrepreneurs will flee as much as they can, so they may have no intention to expand production at all.

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