Be Aware: The Real Purpose Behind Reversal of “Zero-Covid’ Policy in Communist China

Soon after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) announced the end of the Zero-Covid restrictions that stifled the economy and changed people’s daily routine, the CCP’s propaganda machine began to perform another difficult task. They wanted to tell the public that the death rate of Covid-19 or the CCP virus was declining and explain why the lockdown measures were suddenly lifted.

The CCP-owned mouthpieces also asserted that more than 90% of the Omicron variant cases that have been circulating for a year only have mild or asymptomatic infections, but they did not give any scientific reasons to support this conclusion. The National Health Commission even announced that people can quarantine at home instead of going to hospitals after testing positive and nucleic acid testing sites are shut down as we speak. Municipal officials detailed new rules on how local governments could impose lockdowns if necessary.

Residents are relieved by the change but also confused. For months, the threat of Omicron has been played up by state media and medical experts to justify Xi Jinping’s policy of strict lockdowns, mass quarantine, and testing. A former disease control official also predicted that as many as 90% of people may eventually be infected with the CCP virus. Though people are relaxed a little bit now, they are also preparing for another large-scale outbreak. They share tips on how to quarantine at home on social media platforms. They also stock all kinds of antiviral drugs, pain relievers and rapid test kits.

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