CCP’s Extreme Madness Accelerate Its Own Demise

On December 5th, Miles Guo talked in a Gettr video about some of the crazy things that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has done recently. To former CCP leader Jiang Zemin’s Death, Xi Jinping originally agreed to a crystal coffin and memorial hall for him, but at the last minute Xi broke his promise and Jiang was cremated. To private entrepreneurs, Xi said they can keep their name as the company owners, but their assets and resources must be under the CCP’s control and stay in communist China. They and their wealth can never travel outside of communist China. To the White Paper Revolution, Xi will launch fierce attacks to have it eradicated from the world. In addition, Xi wants to impose the Zero-Covid policy across the country from time to time. Local officials’ capability in carrying out the policy will determine how much fund they would receive from the central government and their own promotions. Miles Guo said at last: the CCP moves toward Hell when they move away from the world. The CCP moves toward disasters when they move away from the truth. The CCP accelerates their own demise when they become extremely crazy.

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