CCP Organized A Highly Choreographed Memorial Service As Jiang Zemin Cremated In Beijing

On December 5th, Former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Jiang Zemin was cremated at Babaoshan (八宝山) Crematorium in Beijing. A video provided by the New Federal State of China’s G-translators team reveals that the CCP organized tens of thousands of people to line in the streets and watch a hearse carrying Jiang’s body in Beijing. Police officers from all over Beijing were brought to monitor the streets, and the cell phones of the participating crowds were confiscated.

The interviewee in the video complained that they had to gather around 6 a.m. Then they had to walk a distance to be taken by buses to where they were supposed to stand and wait for the hearse carrying Jiang’s body. They waited for approximately five hours before the cars showed up which drove by them for not even 10 minutes. Thousands of police officers were stationed along the streets, and watched the crowds. People who lined in the streets were only allowed to bring their ID cards in their pockets, and nothing else. This type of state staged funeral was unprecedented and terrifying.

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