With Japan As Its Seventh Largest Market, Gettr Is Expected To Surpass Twitter By Seizing Opportunity

On December 3rd, Jason Miller made his first visit to Japan as Gettr’s CEO and was warmly welcomed and interviewed by the Japanese fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China.

Jason Miller said that Gettr has achieved more than expected growth worldwide. The data shows that there have been an impressive 300-million views of Gettr’s live streams since October 2021. Japan has become Gettr’s seventh largest market and there is still considerable potential for even greater growth. Gettr has established a new company in Japan called JP G.K. to facilitate its further development in Japan and growth into a social media platform capable of embracing people from all walks of life. When talking about Gettr’s future, Jason Miller believed that Twitter’s reputation has been damaged in terms of free speech despite Elon Musk’s all-out efforts to eliminate the political discrimination on the platform, while Gettr did not face such challenge. Meanwhile, Gettr has been allowing users to post their favorite contents, captures markets with advanced technologies such as Vision and Live Stream 2.0 and would have the opportunity to surpass Twitter.

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