We Must Deeply Remember Miles Guo’s Father

At 9:57 P.M. Beijing time on December 6th, the father of Miles Guo, the founder of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China, passed away. Miles Guo expresses deep condolences for his father’s death in Gettr.

Miles Guo will also follow the traditional cultural customs of his hometown in Shandong, China, and pray for his father behind closed doors for three weeks.

The comrades-in-arms of the New Federation of China who broke the news expressed their memory and condolences for the death of Miles in the message area of the Gettr Broadcast. On the road full of obstacles in Miles Guo’s journey to destroy the evil CCP, Miles’s father and everyone in the Guo family have been living in fear and anxiety. Because of the Chinese Communist Party, Miles’s father was homeless and died in fear.

Because Miles Guo spread the truth and darkness of the CCP’s top leaders and the desire to destroy the CCP, the CCP not only seized all Pangu’s assets belonging to Miles Guo but in 2021, Miles’s father and his employees were left on the streets. From the beginning to the end, the Chinese Communist Party has brought countless sufferings to the Chinese people.

Because of Miles Guo’s selfless and humanitarian mission calling for the destruction of the CCP, Miles Guo could not return to his hometown to see his parents before they passed away. He said that this is the biggest regret in his life. Isn’t this a true and heartbreaking portrayal of the many brave fellow fighters, who are aiming to destroy the CCP!

Only by destroying the CCP can they return to their homeland of China and reunite with their families without the fear of being arrested, tortured and possibly killed. While we remember the passing of Miles Guo’s father, the people of the New Federal State of China will continue to fight the difficult battles ahead on the road to take down the ruthless and inhumane Communist Regime.

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