The West’s Ignorance Of CCP’s Infiltration Is Due To Controlled Media

In a GETTR live broadcast on December 6th, Miles Guo revealed that he had spent eight hours in court the day before in New Haven, whereas the opposing side was Paul Hastings LLP, a top-100 law firm. Miles has been thinking about a critical question. Why has Paul Hastings, a top-ranked American law firm, which has been colluding with the Chinese Communist Party, even dared to delete information from related websites [to remove evidence that may not be in its favor], and all this time, Americans still know nothing about it!?

The root cause is because the media is in the hands of the bad actors or collaborators who act in the interest of the CCP, harming people all over the world, while managing to operate in secret so as to be “hidden from the public view.” Sadly, some of them may be those who may have been deceived and misled by the media, naively believing that they are merely working for a paycheck, but in reality, they have been used by evil to harm the Chinese people and Americans without even knowing it.

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