The US To Sell Taiwan 100 Of Its Most Advanced Patriot Air Defense Missile Systems

It is reported on December 5th that the U.S. State Department has informed the Congress of the plan to sell Taiwan with 100 of its most advanced air defense missiles along with radar and support equipment. The Congress has a period of 30 days to review the proposal, which will take effect automatically if there is no objection during this period.

The sale includes as many as 100 Lockheed Martin Corp’s hit-to-kill Patriot-3 Missile Segment Enhancement that are more advanced than the Patriots previously purchased by Taiwan. The new missiles are designed to expand operational range and respond to changing aerial threats. The sale also includes M903 Launcher modification kits, missile round trainers and software upgrades to accommodate the new missiles.

The proposal is part of a Washington’s arms sale to Taiwan established in 2010. It is not an additional military sale, but an enhancement to the earlier deal that is worth a total of $2.81 billion US dollars.

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