Only 93-Million CCP Members And Their Families Might Be Spared From The Toxic Vaccine

On his Gettr video on Dec. 4th, Miles Guo revealed some senior CCP officials hinted that only 93-million party members and their families would survive the vaccine disaster.

The fellow fighter exposed important information in an internal meeting, saying whoever took no jabs had dodged a bullet and so did their family members. Moreover, if it is the case that the U.S.-manufactured vaccines were administered across the country, plus the vaccine disasters found in all scientific studies, as well as the currently surging medical accidents and cancers are eventually proven as factual, then almost all people would die. Consequently, only 93-million CCP members and their families will be left in Communist China in the future, together with their illegitimate children, friends, relatives and the pandemic restriction enforcer, known as the “White Guards”.

The reason is that CCP’s cadres at or above the bureau level have received no or fake injections and the vaccines administered for all party members were fake as well. On the other hand, unfortunately, the common Chinese people have all received the real, toxic shots.

Nonetheless, Miles remained skeptical on the authenticity of this intelligence, and commented that the actual situation might not be as bad as that whistleblower has claimed.

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