Jiang Zemin Has Been Cremated, But His Memorial Service Has Been Prohibited

Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China, spoke in his video on Gettr on December 5th, revealing that former CCP leader Jiang Zemin has been cremated in the No. 7 stainless steel cremator at Beijing Babaoshan (八宝山) Funeral Home. Xi Jinping originally agreed to a crystal coffin and memorial hall requested by Jiang’s family, and his direct associates were given state-level protection. However, when Jiang’s body arrived in Beijing, it was sent directly to the funeral home where it was cremated in a brand new revitalized furnace, and his ashes were placed in a crystal urn.

One of the big reasons is Xi Jinping’s administration is so afraid of any kind of public gathering at this stage. As a result, Jiang’s memorial service was also canceled. Miles Guo also believes that the “White Paper Movement” currently taking place across Communist China is too mild and gentle and it is eventually doomed to fail. Instead, he stresses that only the “Fire Revolution” could completely bring down and destroy the Chinese Communist Party.

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