Various Crises Contribute To The Complete Demise Of Xi’s Faction And CCP In 2023

Miles Guo said in his Gettr video on December 1st that the current bloody movement in Communist China will eventually annihilate Xi’s faction and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

At present, there have been significant crises in domestic technological fields, including chips and software. Since the outbreak of the flame revolution, a large amount of foreign capital has been withdrawn, with considerable foreign exchange and investment fleeing away. The insiders believed that Xi’s factions and the CCP would basically be wiped out by the end of 2023.

The demise of Xi’s faction and CCP was inevitable, and the world is waiting for the historic moment. Miles Guo stated that the weaker the Chinese people became, the stricter CCP’s Zero-Covid and quarantine policy was; the more robust the ordinary people became, the lower the number of retaliations, lockdowns, and deaths were.

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