Anti-lockdown Protests in China Spread to Over 10 Cities Around the World

It was reported on November 28th that rare protests in China displayed last weekend, aimed at opposing Xi Jinping’s Zero-Covid policy and restrictions. Until now, these anti-lockdown fight for freedom protests spreads to over 10 cities around the world. Expatriate dissidents and students staged vigils and protests in places around the world, including at ivy league universities, and cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, etc. In most cases, dozens of people attended the protests, while in some cases over 100 people attended.
This is a rare instance of Chinese people uniting, and standing up to protest. These protests were triggered by a fire in an apartment in Xinjiang. Due to the CCP’s Zero-Covid policy and strict restrictions, over 40 people lost their lives in that fire because they couldn’t escape in time. On Monday evening, dozens of protesters gathered in Hong Kong’s Central business district as well as the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong to mourn those people who died in Xinjiang. Outside the Centre Pompidou in Paris, protesters brought flowers and candles to mourn those lives lost.

Since Xi Jinping wanted to have power a decade ago, the CCP has clamped down hard on dissents, tightening their controls over civil society, the media and the internet. Now Xi is promoting the strict policy of “eliminating Covid” through lockdowns and isolation, which leads to long periods of confinement at home for millions of people, and damages the world’s second-biggest economy.

The White House’s National Security Council said in a statement that Washington supports Chinese people to peacefully protest. Everyone has the right to gather and peacefully protest against policies, laws, or authorities they oppose. The UN appeals that the CCP government should respond to protests in line with international human rights laws. The CCP cannot arrest protesters just because they attended the rightful protest.

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