Shanghai People Demand ‘CCP Step Down, Xi Jinping Step Down’

On the evening of November 26th on Urumqi Road in Shanghai, more than 100 residents mourned the people who died in the fire in Xinjiang. In the early hours of the 27th, police intervened to disperse the crowd, and the conflict escalated. During the scramble for demonstrators who were to be forcibly taken away, the crowd shouted: “CCP step down, Xi Jinping step down!” The conflict occurred as the police were trying to arrest the protesters. Two police vans were reportedly filled with protesters who had been arrested. The crowd shouted, “let them go” and rescued some of them from the police. During the confrontation, the crowd shouted “CCP step down! Xi Jinping step down!”.

For more than 30 years after (June 4th) Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Chinese regime has strictly controlled these types of political expressions. The CCP regime has zero tolerance for speech and actions that shake the communist system and contest the dictatorship. It has been brutally suppressing people for free speech without mercy.

This time, the people of Shanghai have issued a heartfelt demand for the CCP to step down and Xi Jinping to step down. This type of free speech is very rare in Communist China, which is a pond of stagnant water that has not changed or been overthrown at all. This roar of anger was mirrored by the dozen times Miles Guo and Mr. Bannon said to take down the CCP during the Chinese New Year broadcast. Like a longsword, it pierced the forbidden zone in the hearts of the ordinary people, and like a bright light, it illuminated the dark night of the territory occupied by the CCP. Such a voice will eventually resound through the land of China. Let’s listen to this precious roar and make it louder.

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