US To Fund Another $4.5 Billion Aid To Ukraine

On Nov 23rd, the United States Agency for International Development announced Washington would provide an additional $4.5 billion in assistance to the Ukrainian government before the end of 2022.

The aid will not only fund basic operations of schools, hospitals, public utilities and other government services, providing the much-needed assistance to alleviate the immense economic, social and political pressures caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, the funding will also be used to respond to cyberattacks, threats to Kyiv’s energy sector and counter disinformation.

Since Moscow waged the aggressive war on Feb 24th, USAID has been providing Ukraine with military, financial and humanitarian aid. Washington has so far offered a total of 13 billion in economic support to Kyiv, including the latest13billionineconomicsupporttoKyiv,includingthelatest4.5 billion package of economic assistance.

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