Canadian Police Investigate CCP’s Police Service Station In Toronto

On Tuesday, Nov 22nd, Canadian police stated that they were carrying out an investigation into the reports of a police service station operated by Communist China in the Greater Toronto Area. Ottawa believed this station might interfere with its interests and threaten national security.

Canadian police said the investigation aims to protect any Canadian community from intimidation, threats, harassment, and any form of harm initiated by representatives of foreign entities. Safeguard Defenders, a European human rights organization, released a report this September, revealing the presence of dozens of Beijing’s police service stations in major cities worldwide, three of which were operated in the Greater Toronto Area.

Subsequently, Canada launched investigations into related reports. According to Safeguard Defenders, the service stations are Beijing’s outposts. They exist to pressure Chinese nationals or their overseas relatives to return to Communist China and face charges. The report showed these stations also have ties with the activities of CCP’s United Front Work Department, a CCP agency responsible for spreading its influence and propaganda overseas. Other public reports also indicated besides Canada, police in American, Dutch, Irish, Spanish, and other countries have also opened investigations into CCP’s overseas police stations.

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