Abu Dhabi Court Uses Blockchain Technology To Improve Law Enforcement

The Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) Courts now rely on distributed ledger technology, also known as blockchain technology, to streamline operations and help parties obtain justice.

The court is responsible for adjudicating civil and commercial matters in Abu Dhabi’s financial center, Al Maryah Island. Alan, the court’s registrar and CEO, is positive about the adoption of distributed ledger technology, arguing that it could change the face of legal proceedings in the country and across the Gulf region.

For example, judicial proceedings in the UAE have been marred by delays between judgment and enforcement due to the bureaucratic bottlenecks of the sector. The legal sector, particularly as it relates to commercial dispute resolution, has had to grapple with the high filing costs and the long wait to receive a certified copy of the judgment to initiate enforcement procedure.

At the ADGM, which will be available through the court’s website, application programming interface, or directly on the blockchain of each member court, the parties to the case and the enforcement court will have immediate access to a secure, unchanging judgment. This is a pioneering move to introduce blockchain technology in commercial courts.

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