PAX’s Lawsuit Against Mile Guo Is Abnormal And Absurd In Every Way

PAX’s lawsuit against Miles Guo as personal guarantee of $30 million is groundless from the very beginning and reflects the CCP’s deep infiltration into the American judiciary. Today, we will review Miles Guo’s analysis of the case in the Grand Live broadcast on January 17, 2022. Miles pointed out that in this case, the US court clearly sided with the PAG, which owns PAX, and showed absurd hostility towards him at every turn. First, the court deprives Miles Guo of his right to choose a jury, and instead served him with a court decision. Many lawyers have found it inconceivable up to date. Secondly, PAX did not provide any evidence for the first two years, but provided 73,000 pages of documents and spent at least about 100 million in attorneys’ fees out of the blue. Each side has already paid tens of millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees for a case about100millioninattorneys about30 million. It is clear that the real purpose of PAX is not in the case itself. Thirdly, during the entire trial, Miles was not allowed to freely express himself.  Problem no. 4 is, during the trial, Miles has already indicated that the loan involved in the case had been repaid, but the case was still not concluded. Problem no. 5, the court documents show that the Beijing police, who had nothing to do with the case, wanted to help the case and refused to answer any questions from Miles’s legal team. Finally, PAX wanted to hire another firm to represent them, and this new firm happened to represent Miles before. This was a clear violation but the court did not stop them until Miles’s legal team appealed against this absurd move. Miles believes that such an abnormal case does not represent legal justice nor reflect the true purpose of the law.

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