US House Focuses On CCP’s Threat And Monitor Ukraine Aid

On Nov 16th, Republican representative Michael McCaul, the incoming head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Communist China was the United States’ number one rival and the largest threat to national security. Washington’s top priority will be competing with a rising Communist China and focus on enhancing supply chain systems, supporting domestic production of essential components like semiconductors, and strengthening the export controls to ensure that sensitive US technology does not fall into the hands of CCP’s so-called People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

 McCaul and Republican representative Mike Rogers, the incoming chair of the House Armed Services Committee, said they would work together to boost the supply line of the US defense industry so as to provide military equipment to Taiwan and help the self-governing island resist any potential threat from Communist China.

 In addition, he noted despite all 57 House votes against a bill offering more than $40 billion to Ukraine this May, Washington would adopt a stricter attitude towards its assistance for Kyiv, but would not cut it off. McCaul said the US needed more oversight accountability on foreign aid and participation by its allies, saying new weapons like long-range artillery were expected to be sent to Ukraine.

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