The U.K Stands Ready to Support Taiwan Against CCP’s Invasion at Any Time

According to a report on Nov 15th, during his trip to G20 Summit in Indonesia, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said if CCP waged an aggressive war against Taiwan, the United Kingdom would consider providing the island with weapons for defense and his country has stood ready to aid Taipei.

Sunak believes that the CCP’s systemic challenge to British values and interests seriously threatens its economic security, and other allies also have a unanimous view in this regard. Sunak said the United Kingdom had passed the National Security and Investment Act to counter the CCP’s threat.

The Act granted the British government powers to prohibit hostile states from investing in British companies that might impact its national security. It is critical to protect the United Kingdom from the CCP’s threat. Regarding the United Kingdom’s intention to provide arms for Taiwan, Sunak said his government reviewed all the existing policies and considered the results part of the comprehensive assessment. The British government has made clear its policy on the Taiwan issue. That is, there should be no unilateral change to the status quo across the Taiwan Strait. The United Kingdom would stand ready to support Taiwan as it confronted the CCP’s invasion.

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