Paul Hustings Uses Insolvency Trustee Status To Protect UBS

During the live broadcast on November 13, Miles Guo once again mentioned Paul Hastings LLP. The latest development in the legal entanglement between the Chinese Communist Party and Mr. Guo is the abrupt replacement of the court-approved bankruptcy trustee with Luc A. Despins, a lawyer from Paul Hastings. Under the US Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016, a bankruptcy trustee must be an insolvency professional without disciplinary action whose role is to administer the insolvency process and distribute the estate of the insolvent person or business. Withdrawal is possible if there is a conflict of interest on the part of the trustee in bankruptcy or if the trustee changes their opinion for personal reasons. In this instance, the initial trustee was fully qualified and unconflicted, while the replacement trustee Luc A. Despins is grossly conflicted. The manner in which Luc questioned Mr. Guo at the hearing was akin to the US version of CCP’s interrogation team, as he intended to anger Miles Guo and cause him to commit contempt of court. If so, this may result in the UK court dismissing Miles Guo’s lawsuit against UBS and preventing the case from exposing the deep collusion between UBS and the Chinese Communist Party. After seven years of interlocutory proceedings, Miles Guo’s case against UBS and Haitong Securities Equity Investment was finally formally filed in the UK courts in London earlier this year. Miles Guo himself is confident of winning the case. UBS is where the bulk of CCP kleptocrats’ ill-gotten wealth is deposited. UBS also holds the accounts of the Swamp, forces controlling the fate of the world, as well as dark money which has accumulated over hundreds of years.

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