MILES GUO VS PACIFIC ALLIANCE GROUP: Episode II – Paul Hastings’ Award-Winning Success in Communist China

The Court’s ruling has received a huge social reaction, especially in the legal and financial circles; the public also questions the credentials and credibility of Paul Hastings regarding “conflicts of interest” presented between the plaintiff, PAX, and the defendant, Miles Guo.

 Paul Hastings, founded in 1951, is recognized as “one of the most successful law firms” by American Lawyer magazine, that “have a strong presence throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.“

 Currently, Paul Hastings has three offices in Communist China, which are in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hongkong. This year, all three offices have announced that “the Firm has been recognized for the seventh consecutive year as one of the top law firm employers in Communist China by Asian Legal Business.”

 On Paul Hastings’ official website, the Beijing page proudly lists the three biggest Communist China achievements among its 268 successful cases between Dec 2005 to June 2022, including representing ICBC International in its investment into JD Logistics’ $2.5 Billion B Series A financing; representing Ascent Real Estate Investors and SDP Investment in the formation of an institutional investor consortium and the consortium’s $1.34 Billion acquisition of Dinghao Electronics Plaza located in Zhongguancun, Beijing; and representing Fosun Pharmaceutical in forming a strategic alliance with Biopharmaceutical New Technologies (BioNTech) to develop and commercialize a “CCP virus vaccine” that prevents COVID-19 (CCP virus) infections, and a proposed equity investment of ordinary shares in BioNTech.

 Over the past 5 years of the Whistleblower Movement, Miles Guo has exposed the truths of the domestic corruption in the financial field, legal system and political circles by the Chinese Communist Party in Communist China; he has also revealed the CCP’s infiltration of the finance and legal system in the United States. The “trustee” swap by the Bankruptcy Court has once again verified the truthfulness and accuracy of the revelation of Miles Guo and the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement.

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