MILES GUO VS PACIFIC ALLIANCE GROUP: Episode I – The Sudden Unusual Change of Trustee

On July 7th, the United States Bankruptcy Court of Connecticut approved the appointment of Luc A. Despins as Miles Guo’s trustee for personal assets, after dismissing Miles Guo’s bankruptcy request related to his lawsuit against PAX, a subsidiary company of PAG.

 Miles Guo revealed the shocking news through his Gettr post on the same day, he questioned the injustice of the DOJ for appointing Luc A. Despins, a person with “ Conflict of Interest” with Miles Guo as his trustee to supervise his assets in the coming procedure of the lawsuit.

 As multiple resources have revealed, Luc A. Despins is a long-term partner of PAG, a company that has huge interests in Communist China. Shan Weijian, PAG’s Chairman and CEO, has been exposed to be a high-ranking spy of the Chinese Communist Party, and part of the “Thousands Talent Program”” of the CCP, who has been assigned to infiltrate the U.S. decades ago.

 Luc A. Despins is co-chair of the Financial Restructuring group and a partner in the Corporate practice of Paul Hastings LLP. According to an article on LAW 360, PAG Real Estate was represented by Paul Hastings LLP. in a business restructure in 2018, in this adventure PAG launched a HK5.24 billion (5.24billion(671 million USD) takeover bid for Spring Real estate investment Trust.

 The relationships between Luc A. Despins, Paul Hastings LLP and PAG represent the “”Conflict of Interest””, which has raised questions about the procedural justice of the U.S. Department of Justice regarding Miles Guo’s bankruptcy case and his lawsuit against PAX.

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