Under Quantum Computing Era, The Chinese Regime Chose The Wrong Way To Pursue

In the grand live broadcast on November 9, Miles Guo noted that with the advent of a new technological era represented by quantum computers combined with AI technology, the civilization of the earth or even the universe would completely change. However, Communist China ruled by Xi the King once again made the worst choice contradicting the progress of human civilization at this critical historical moment.

 Miles said that the combination of quantum technology and AI technology would develop rapidly and play an incredible role in many fields such as information storage, data computing, biotechnology, digital currency, and even high technology between the Earth and space.

 Unfortunately, in the past few thousand years of history, the Chinese nation has made the worst choice at every historical moment of replacing and updating, going against the trend of human development. This time, Xi’s faction uses the same Shangyang‘s Five Ways to tame and enslave the ordinary Chinese people, running into the abyss of closed-door policies.

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