Disney No Longer Mandates CCP Virus Vaccines for Staff, Cast, and Crews

On November 5th, Walt Disney announced that casts and crews will not be required to have the CCP virus “vaccine”, aka the jab or the injection. That includes all workers of the drama “9-1-1,” which those are in the high-risk areas of their sets, will no longer be required to be vaccinated.

 Vaccine mandates have been controversial in some parts of Hollywood. Some actors strongly opposed the injection mandate, which sparked a rift within SAG-AFTRA, an American labor union representing media professionals worldwide. Last year the union required the injection mandate in the so-called Return to Work agreement, and about a dozen shows have been affected as a result. Disney had to shut down production during the period and suffered severe losses.

 In addition to Disney, some other film studios also stop implementing the mandates on casts and crews. SAG-AFTRA spokesperson Pam Greenwalt said in a statement that it is always the production companies’ own choice on whether or not to impose the mandate of the poisonous vaccine.

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