Miles Guo Sees Xi Jinping Preparing to Invade Taiwan

On November 9th, Miles Guo outlined his reasons why Xi Jinping’s preparing to invade Taiwan, after Xi Jinping visited the Chinese Communist Party’s Armed Forces Joint Operations Command Center on November 8th and told the People’s Liberation Army to “focus all its energy on fighting” in preparation for war. A few days before the 2022 U.S Midterm Election, the CCP internally predicted that the US will face a catastrophic political crisis and economic crisis after the election due to political struggles between the democratic and republican parties. Two parties will very likely no longer agree upon whether the Federal Reserve should raise the interest rates. The global financial crisis is growing and could turn into a great depression of problems. If no compromise can be reached, the United States will be in a national crisis of division. If the Republicans win the midterm elections, the U.S. will not let the Russian-Ukrainian war continue. Given these environments, Xi believes it is time to invade Taiwan. The CCP will first test America by causing a continuous disturbance in Taiwan, which is the CCP’s unrestricted “fatiguing” warfare strategy. The CCP will then direct Taiwan’s traitors to ask them to come to save them from the disturbance. Finally, the CCP will launch a blitzkrieg and quickly take over Taiwan.

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