Local Government in Communist China May Stop PCR Testing Due to Funding and Money Shortage

On November 8, a medical laboratory in Xuchang, a city with over 4 million population in inner China, suspended PCR testing of samples for the CCP virus. This cited the local government’s failure to reimburse the expense of the company’s operation. It was said PCR testing can be resumed when government funding is secured.

PCR testing in Communist China was publicized as free but was in fact paid for by the funds for the national “health insurance”, which is actually people’s own savings. Endless rounds of CCP virus testing eventually drained the government funds and people’s money that is essential to support more nucleic acid testing.

Some analysts believe that this is good news, to suggest an end to these stringent measures that limit individual freedom. However, the halting of testing is just a small manifestation of the domestic economy that has already collapsed to a degree that is beyond imagination. The obvious truth for the CCP is that they have never been short of means to control the people, and other extreme tightening measures are expected to come.

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