A former US military pilot was arrested weeks after returning to Australia from Communist China

A former US military pilot who was arrested in Australia and may be extradited to America on undisclosed charges only left Communist China just weeks before his arrest, media reported on November 4th. He communicated with Australian intelligence agencies before his arrest.

Pilot Daniel Edmund Duggan, 54, was arrested by federal police at the request of the United States in New South Wales (NSW) in October. Duggan, a former American citizen, has been working in Communist China as an aviation consultant since 2014, according to his public LinkedIn profile and aviation sources who knew him.

His lawyer, Dennis Miralis, said Duggan would be transferred to the maximum security prison in Goulburn and was not seeking bail at the Sydney hearing. The case was adjourned until November 28th.

“He (Duggan) denies having breached any US law, any Australian law, any international law,” Miralis said outside court. Miralis told the court he would lodge a complaint with Australia’s intelligence director on matters involving Australia’s national security.

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