South Korean Aesthetic Medicine Insiders Confirm The CCP Is Deteriorating

In the November 6th Grand Live broadcast, Miles Guo revealed to fellow fighters that his South Korean friends told him their cosmetic surgery clinics, which derive most of their revenue from celebrities from Communist China, have done less than 1/10th of what they did before 2020. The South Korean Insiders also noted that more and more of their clients from Communist China are looking for ways to escape from the country ruled by the brutal and tyrannical communist regime, with their inhumane control tactics masquerading as safety precautions under the guise of the ‘Zero-covid policy,’ genocide of religious minorities and threats of invasion towards peaceful Taiwan. These South Korean allies are seeing first-hand the significant societal changes happening behind the closed doors of mainland china, giving them a sense of what is to come for the communist regime in China because while the crazed Xi Jinping and the CCP are weakening daily, the New Federal State of China is constantly gaining strength and will soon be ready to lift the oppressed, brainwashed and suffering Chinese people out of their pit of despair fueled by the greed and sinister agenda of Xi Jinping and the kleptocratic families that control China.

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