CCP Reveals Its Evil Nature By Claiming That Financial Institutions Should Self-Rescue

In the November 6th live broadcast, Miles Guo responds to a recent article by Yi Gang , governor of the CCP’s central bank. The article states that self-saving should be the main way to deal with financial risks at present and in the future, promotes insolvent financial institutions to exit in an orderly and market-oriented manner, and mitigates losses by selling equities and discounting creditor’s rights on large debts. Miles gave his own explanation. Yi Gang is just an opportunist who reads a few Western books, admires the West deep in his bones, and curses the West to gain the appreciation of his “so-called” bosses. While some American and Western entrepreneurs who have factories and investments in CCP China have adopted the “ABC” strategy and tried their best to withdraw from CCP China, Yi Gang called on the financial institutions to self-saving, which is very insidious and once again, reveals the evil nature of the CCP. These enterprises operate under the guidance and according to the CCP’s rules; it is also because the CCP does not abide by the various operating rules that they have come to the present situation. The CCP has exploited all the benefits it can from these enterprises, and now it lets them choose their own way of death. This irresponsible, powerful, and domineering “robber logic” is the essence of the CCP.

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