The United States Will Face the Biggest Challenge as Xi Jinping Promotes Petro-Renminbi Transactions in the Middle East

Miles Guo said in a live broadcast on October 30th that Xi Jinping will visit Saudi Arabia, and if Saudi Arabia turns to the CCP in terms of energy and currency, it will pose a threat to the United States. The United States will not sit idly by, but now the internal struggle between the two parties has seriously affected the national security, national strategy and national interests of the United States.

 The dollar currently faces three major challenges. The first is the CCP’s digital RMB. Second, the global financial model has changed, and the entire digital age has arrived. Third, the United States has issued more than 30 trillion in treasury bonds, and buying and purchasing U.S. treasury bonds is a safe-haven way for global funds. The country’s national debt is divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term, and the interest rate is very different. The shorter the term, the lower the interest rate. The 30-year national debt has the highest interest rate, but the long-term national debt has not achieved the desired effect, indicating that today’s strong dollar is completely false and temporary.

 After a large amount of U.S. dollars has returned to the United States, it may soon flow out again, and the huge impact of the U.S. dollar harvesting the world is unimaginable.

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