Beijing Penetrating the US Election

According to reports, the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is trying to influence the results of the United States’ mid-term election through intensive lobbying, control of foreign media outlets, and disinformation campaigns. 

 CCP is trying to amplify polarising political topics and flooding social media with fake news. Some social media accounts have been found pushing misinformation on a wide range of US internal issues. Apart from these, those fake accounts are peddling Pro-China narratives. According to sources, over 2000 fake accounts have been peddling this information through major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc. 

 Last week Twitter said that they had blocked three China-based operations that sought to influence US politics. These accounts were operative from April to October, and they spread false claims. Conversely, Facebook also disrupted Communist China-based propaganda profiles and pages before it reached many American citizens. 

 Last month the FBI and other US agencies met and discussed the possible threats on foreign operations that could influence the election results in the US, and ever since, they have been investigating. 

 Over the years, Beijing attempted to intervene in other countries’ politics and elections through disinformation campaigns designed to promote candidates who are sympathetic to CCP and its actions. They have done these tactics in Australia, New Zealand, and other places in Asia. Notably, in Taiwan’s presidential election, CCP instructed Taiwanese media outlets close to the party to promote its favoured candidate. Fortunately, their preferred candidate lost the election, but CCP continues its disinformation campaign even now to influence people and to change the course of politics.

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