Ping An’s financial management went bankrupt, and the victims had nowhere to cry

On October 28th, at the gate of Shenzhen Ping An Bank, the depositors have been defending their rights for more than a year, and finally the money was cleared in the name of wealth management products, and there was no way to sue. Because the CCP has defined depositors fooled by banks to buy wealth management products as participants in illegal fundraising, they seem to be gamblers who have lost money in casinos and cannot recover their money through normal means. Apart from sitting on the ground crying and complaining loudly, there are really very few things that ordinary people can do, and even the security guard at the door is not surprised, with an attitude that it is none of their business.

 The bankruptcy of Ping An Group is a sure thing. It is difficult for Ma Mingzhe to have many means to stabilize and control the situation, not to mention that after the 20th Congress of the CCP, the planned collapse of the financial industry may already be within Beijing’s plan. The more people wait, the less hope they have. All economic disasters are supported by communist logic. The so-called self-revolution of course also includes direct economic plunder. The owners of high-net-worth capital have already run away, and the hard life of the people at the bottom has begun to worsen. There are only middle-class groups with stable income and considerable savings for many years, and they will inevitably become victims and be harvested by the CCP.

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