Communist China’s Chaotic Lockdown Continues….

On October 31, due to a few positive Covid cases, Shanghai’s Disney resort suddenly got suspended to comply with Covid-19 prevention measures. The resort, without any notice, shut the main theme park and surrounding areas locking all the visitors inside the park until they return a negative test for the virus. 

 Conversely, the strict Covid norms in Zhengzhou have allegedly forced workers to flee from the world’s largest iPhone factory, Foxconn. Since mid-October, Foxconn has been trying to prevent the outbreak by locking the workers in the facility to stop the spread of the virus to the outside world. As per reports, around 20,000 workers had been put in quarantine on-site.  

 Videos and photographs have emerged on Chinese social media showing Foxconn workers climbing over the fences and carrying their belongings down the road like a ‘Prison escape.’ Volunteers from nearby villages put out food and drinks for the Foxconn workers.

 Furthermore, in Wuhan, Chinese government officials have deployed the military to enforce the lockdown. In addition, in some streets in Communist China, cops patrol to scan people’s temperature and surveil using the QR code on their smartphones. 

 The Zero Covid policy has triggered a major humanitarian crisis in Communist China. Local authorities across China have continued to impose harsh and drastic measures to cut any possibility of virus transmission, in line with the country’s ultra-strict zero-tolerance approach towards COVID-19.

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