Alberta Will Withdraw From Federal Programs

It was reported on Oct 27th, Albertan Premier Danielle Smith announced her administration is planning to opt out from new federal programs or avoid federal agreements that would not serve Alberta’s best interests. She briefed to her cabinet the provincial strategies to move forward on consultations with the Liberal government so as to ensure Alberta’s freedoms and interests are not infringed on by the federal institutions.

Given that Justin Trudeau’s Federal administration deliberately avoided meaningful engagement with her government, she would seek to exit federal programs that conflicting with the best interests of Alberta. As the new premier, Smith promised not to enforce any federal laws or policies that undermine local economy or violates the rights of local people. Previously, Alberta had been considered as a subordinate to the federal government, while Trudeau administration’s unilateral restriction programs on resources, including oil and natural gas exploration, fertilizer use, as well as gun confiscation, have undermined provincial prosperity and added disproportionate burdens on Albertans.

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