Whistleblower Movement Celebrates at 18th-Floor Sherry-Netherland Apartment

Oct 27th, local time, at the 18th-floor Sherry-Netherland apartment, Miles Guo, leader of the Whistleblower Movement gathered fellow fighters to celebrate the 5 years achievement. At the moment, the Chinese Communist Party has just closed its 20th state Congress, Xi and his loyalists abducted the Congress, and are determined to bring the Chinese into a catastrophe.

Over the past 5 years, the CCP has used the force of the entire country and launched unrestricted legal warfare against Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement, especially, the CCP wanted to take the 18th-floor Sherry-Netherland apartment away from Miles. However, right now, Miles was greeting and treating his fellow fighters with exquisite drinks and cigars at the 18th-floor Sherry-Netherland apartment.

It was a monumental moment, because the 18th-floor Sherry-Netherland apartment, Miles Guo started the Whistleblower Movement. The apartment is also the location of the “419 VOA cut-off incident” back in the year of 2017, during the VOA interview when Miles revealed information about the corruption of the kleptocrats families of the CCP. Ever since then, he has been threatened for life by the CCP and their overseas agents. ven Miles was surprised that the CCP’s official sent to “coerce” Miles back to China seems to know way too much information about the residents at the Sherry-Netherland more than anyone. CCP is aware of the reputation and status of the prestigious Sherry-Netherland and is afraid of Miles’ being influential in the U.S.

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