The ‘Hu Jintao” Incident Continues To Ferment

Hu Jintao insisted on speaking to the Chinese Communist members in public, even after he was forced to make reconciliation under threat of coercion or payoffs.” Miles Guo said in the live broadcast on October 27th.

The Chinese Communist insiders are extremely dissatisfied with Xi’s arbitrary action. They demand Xi be responsible for the political crisis on the pretext that the Western Forces have exploited the ‘Hu Jintao’ incident.

The old members of the Standing Committee were extremely discontented with Xi’s deception at the closing ceremony of the CCP’s 20th National Congress. It was really a shocking scene.

Those junior PLA officers who Xi promoted were particularly indignant. Xi tries to cool down the significance of the ‘Hu Jintao’‘incident and distract the attention of the international community from the core issues.

However, the CCP’s insiders believe that the incident may trigger off political struggles in the Mainland and “hand knives” to the so-called foreign anti-communist forces, which might be the cause of the “color revolution”.

Therefore, the highest-ranking official of the CCP should come out and take up the responsibility. It is inevitable that the New Federal State of China and the whistleblower movement will take down the CCP in the very near future.

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