CDC Covers Up Cancer Caused By Vaccinations

On October 24th, foreign media reported former intelligence officials warned that the Chinese virus vaccine would cause cancer, and the government covered the truth.

 Following the introduction of the CCP virus vaccine, the medical system suddenly began to see a rapid increase in new cancer cases, according to data tracked by the National Center for Health Statistics. The data shows a significant and undeniable correlation between cancer incidence and vaccination injection. But most Americans don’t know about this because the CDC of the US has manipulated data since 2020. No matter the cause of death, it was labeled with the death of the CCP virus.

 Death Certificates take cancer as the potential reason for deaths and the CCP virus as the leading cause of death to hide the increasing number of cancer deaths. In other words, of the so-called death cases of the CCP virus per week, 20% is cancer death, which is very shocking.

 According to Dr. Jennifer Brown, the CCP virus kills 1,740 people every week, while the CCP virus vaccine kills 7,300 Americans. With cancer on the rise, the death rate of the CCP virus will no longer be able to hide the fact that CCP virus vaccines lead to excessive mortality.

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