After “Deceived & Removed” Incident, Hu’s Son Appears In Public Hosting Meeting

According to a Chinese municipal government website on October 26th, Hu Haifeng, son of Hu Jintao and the city’s secretary of the municipal party committee, chaired a meeting of the CCP’s Standing Committee on October 25th.

At the meeting, Hu Haifeng conveyed the spirit of the 20th CCP National Congress and stressed the need to “follow up on awareness” and “follow up on action”, to more consciously study the Party Constitution, abbey, implementing and upholding it, and to play an important role in promoting the Party.

It is reported that Hu Haifeng’s name is no longer listed in the list of current of city leaders in the city of Lishui’s official website.

Right after the incident of Hu Jintao’s being deceived and removed, Hu’s family members and staff were all detained at once. As Miles Guo predicted, Xi Jinping’s CCP would purposely let Hu Haifeng appears in public to cover up the truth of the incident.

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