Communist China warns Britain against Protecting Hong Kong protesters

On October 27, Minister Yang Xiaoguang of the Chinese Embassy warned the UK that protecting Hong Kong protesters would bring disaster to Britain and could impact trade relations.

Yang’s comment was in response to the UK government’s investigation of an incident that occurred on October 16 inside the Chinese consulate in Manchester, UK, where the consulate staff members beat up a Hong Kong pro-democracy protester.

During the protest, at least eight unidentified men came out of the consulate wearing helmets and protective vests and destroyed the posters. Furthermore, they dragged a protester into their compound and beat him. One police officer entered the consulate grounds and pulled the man back out.

In response to the incident, the UK Prime Minister’s spokesperson condemned the actions of the consulate staff members and asked for clarification from the authority. However, the spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy denounced the protesters as violent and defended the consulate staff’s actions. Furthermore, Minister Yang Xiaoguang of the Chinese Embassy said there is nothing peaceful about the protest and protecting the Hong Kong protesters will only bring disaster to Britain.

These incidents and reactions of CCP officials clearly show the arrogance of the Chinese Communist Party and their intentions to break laws to shut people’s voices.

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