CCP Virus Vaccines Can Negatively Affect Sexual Development, UK Bans Young Boys From Getting Vaccinated

The UK Health and Safety Authority announced that until the end of August 2022, children under the age of 5 should not get vaccinated against the coronavirus until 12. The latest findings show that the vaccine can affect the sexual development of young boys.

 It was reported that the UK’s approach to vaccination in young children is a significant change. Dr. Naomi Wolfe recently published “”Report on the Destructive Impact of Covid-19 Vaccines on Adolescents””. In a “”War Room”” interview with Mr. Steve Bannon, she said that the vaccine could damage the testicles. It will also impact Hinder puberty pre-male testicular development, which may impair the development of secondary sexual characteristics in young boys.

 Dr. Wolfe also pointed out that the evidence that the Covid-19 vaccine harms reproduction includes not only suppression of sperm count and motility in men but also that the lipid nanoparticles contained in the vaccine will be able to enter the reproductive system boys.

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