CCP’s Political Jargons are Only Comprehended by Its Members

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has unique and standardized politics and political jargons, according to Miles Guo on October 18th.

In CCP bureaucratic-style politics, many terms and phrases are spoken only to its members, not anyone outside of the circle. The selection of every word and sentence and the combination of statements within the CCP system has its own logical and historical context.

The CCP extended communist to the extreme by standardizing politics and political statements in the international community, and making a unique unspoken CCP political language. In their political language, every single word is chosen carefully with profound implication.

For 100 years of the CCP’s history and 70 years of the regime, the so-called congress they hold is to determine direction of political struggle in the coming years. The general congress is never for the ordinary people of China, and not for anyone outside their dictatorial system.

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