Wang Qishan Became Xi’s Political Disposal

According to Miles Guo on October 12th, Wang Qishan, a man of influence in the international political arena, has become a political tool of Xi Jinping (like Lin Biao, Liu Shaoqi, and Li Yuanchao to Mao Zedong). Xi Jinping picked Wang to participate in international events and occasions that Xi did not want to attend, including weddings and funerals.

Wang has lost his freedom and is in constant surveillance, and alienated from the core of decision-making, becoming simply a puppet for display. On October 12th and 13th, Wang went to Kazakhstan to attend the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) Summit. According to China’s Covid policy, Wang needs to be quarantined for 10 days and cannot to attend the 20th Congress held in October 16th. However, Wang’s attendance is insignificant, making the Vice President of communist China a very awkward existence.

Wang’s itinerary after the pandemic reveals more about his being marginalized. On September 20th, Wang Qishan attended the funeral of the British Queen on behalf of Xi Jinping. From October 12th to 13th, Wang Qishan of Kazakhstan attended the CICA Summit. These travels make Wang busy with affairs that appears to be important and historical but with no practical influence or matter. Wang is buried in countless procedures, and his rubber stamp was stripped away from him.

In dictatorial regimes, those who are influential and powerful will surely be targeted by the supreme leader, as they pose threat to the leader’s reign. Despite the communist regime failing in most of its management and rule, it still portrait itself as the future of the world, planning to reshape international orders for its favor.

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