Microsoft Lays Off Around 1000 Employees

More than two years after the CCP virus unleashed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), world economic growth has continued to slow down, and the market downturn is getting progressively worse. Netflix, Snapchat’s parent company Snap, and Facebook parent company Meta have announced layoffs and hiring freezes after experiencing a decline in revenue in the last quarter. Microsoft is no exception, and it has begun a job cut. On Monday, Microsoft Corp. confirmed it was laying off some workers to cut costs. According to reports, although Microsoft declined to say how many workers it will cut, the number of people is expected to be less than 1,000, and the layoffs will be distributed at multiple levels, teams, and offices worldwide. Microsoft’s Xbox, Edge, and MSMT teams have all been affected by layoffs. Reports indicate that Microsoft’s job cuts occurred a week after the announcement of its latest version of laptop.

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