Vaccine Disaster Will Change the World’s Demographic

Indian population will surpass China in 2023. According to United Nations data, India will become the most populous country in the world next year, and its population of 1.4 billion will surpass China for the first time. In November this year, the world is expected to have a population of 8 billion. In fact, because of the vaccine disaster, the world population is no longer growing as fast as before. According to the United Nations, global population numbers growth is now at its lowest since 1950.

 Communist China is facing a severe population crisis. In the next 30 years, more than half of the population growth will occur in eight countries, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Tanzania, which do not include Communist China. Communist China is currently one of the countries with the lowest fertility rate in the world (an average of 1.15 children per woman, even lower due to the vaccine disaster). Communist China announced that its population would begin to decline next year, earlier than expected. Although Communist China abandoned the one-child policy in 2016 and introduced incentives to encourage couples to have two or more children, the situation is still not improving.

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