The National Congress Of The Chinese Communist Party Is Just A Tool For Internal Fighting

On October 16th, in his Grand Live Broadcast, Miles Guo shared his views on the CCP’s National Congress, saying that the whole world are keeping all eyes on Beijing, because it is the political and economic center that represents the interests of 1.4 billion Chinese, and that the irrationality of the top of the Communist Party will put the world in danger, for every move there will affect the civilization and security of all mankind.

The CCP’s every five-year National Congress and annual meetings exert their impacts on the globe. However, since the Beijing has completely controlled the media around the world to have it serve the needs of CCP, and social media platforms also cooperate with the CCP to spread false news and confuse general public, it makes it impossible for the West to know about the truth of the CCP and Communist China.

The CCP has developed the doctrines of communism into a unique political language. Therefore, the 20th National Congress, which is held every five years, is neither for the Chinese people inside the communist China, nor for foreigners, but for the CCP’s insiders to listen to.

In the bureaucratic politics of the Communist Party, every and each word in the report of the 20th National Congress of the CCP is important, because each congress will determine the top leader of its institutions within the party and the direction of its internal political struggle in the next five years. For this reason, the national congress is a vehicle for the CCP’s infighting and a display of its result.

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