U.S. Real Estate Industry Infiltrated by CCP

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s global intelligence-gathering and subversive activities happened at multiple levels and have been facilitated by massive Chinese immigrants in the United States and other Western nations. From 1980 to 2018, the number of immigrants almost reached 2.5 million, among which an unknown number remain loyal to the CCP, according to Gateway News 13th.
The CCP’s espionage networks are fostered by CCP consulates in major U.S. cities. Non-official cover (NOC) CCP intelligence agents without diplomatic immunity are “sanitized” in intermediate locations outside or inside the U.S. before arriving in their target areas in the U.S.

CCP NOC intelligence networks consists of deep-hidden intelligence agents, such as “husband and wife” teams monitoring each other, or a large number of facilitators in local Chinese communities appearing to live normal lives as U.S. citizens, but in fact the major contributors to the success of CCP’s intelligence-gathering and subversive activities. There is evidence showing that CCP intelligence has infiltrated the U.S. real estate industry aiming at moving agents and funds to support its espionage activities, including purchase of residential properties near vital U.S. military facilities.

The CCP’s strategic goal is to separate the Hawaiian Islands, the home of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command headquarters and Pearl Harbor Naval Base, from U.S. sovereignty. The CCP has deployed a mass number of immigrants to the Hawaiian Islands that are loyal to the CCP, most of whom are engaged in real estate activities in Hawaii.

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